19 Reasons to Begin a Real Estate Purchasing Syndication Business

I had been a part of America, before I started my dollar estate investing syndication company a half decade ago. I had been the number #2 man for Research in Motion. I manage and designed strategic alliances with a number of the top companies in the world such as EDS, Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte Consulting and Accenture.


For providing me the opportunity to operate beneath two of the world technology billionaire CEOs, now, I am quite thankful to RIM. I didn’t wish to keep on spending 60 to 80 hours per week working. I desired the ability to begin a company which would satisfy with the 19 criteria.



19 Reasons to Begin a Real Estate Purchasing Syndication Business

1. Spend a couple of hours every day or week on the job. With only 10 hours of work to his bargain, Robert Beagle earned over $ 61,000 in profits and shut his property deal!

2. This indicates that you’re working to make yourself wealthy — not somebody else.

3. When you would like to wake up. Nobody will tell you (except possibly your partner) you can not sleep.

4. Not have to travel. I have transacted over $14 million dollars in real estate prices with no airport hassles around 5 markets in North America.

5. Everything to operate from telephone and a notebook. In Edmonton, Alberta, Michelle Agar syndicated her set of 5 investment properties within fourteen days, making $ 269,000 in earnings to her!

6. Make an income that is exponential. You create a increased FREQUENCY of gain if you syndicate your real estate company. Why? Cope making becomes a cycle because, syndicating your real estate business will allow you to systematize your business. As a consequence, you’ll have a business model which grows.

7. Dress the way you want. If you wanted to, since property investing syndication permits you to operate from your house office, you are able to work in your pajamas!

8. Live a virtually life. Using a property investment company will provide you business the private and estate tax benefits.

9. Do what you need, whenever you would like. You are the boss!

10. Never be hauled down to a time program. It is possible to work as hard as you need for as long or as small as you would like.

11. It’s not necessary to write up a comprehensive business program. As a result of Claudette Diaz, Tom Cooke and property investing syndication have $330,000 in cash in their disposal. They created $19,026 in profits. They establish a syndication company in a different city they have never seen before, and have assembled a purchaser’s record of over 500 shareholders!

12. Have plenty of customers. By way of instance, in the event that you joined my property investing syndication system, then you would connect on 5 continents that wish to aid investors like you venture on property investing deals on a continuous basis with a network of investors in seven countries.

13. Your company will not be connected to economic cycles. Real estate investors are now saying that the real real estate market that is investing is lifeless. Why? Since they can not locate bargains. They are not currently attracting buyers. They can not get their hands on cash. Banks aren’t currently committing them money. If your business model change then you are going to get access to all of of the money you will want. Youclosing more deals — regardless of the market and’ll entice buyers.

14. Produce WEALTH. Bear in mind, my company totaled more than 3 million bucks in only 93 days in real estate gains.

15. Get involved with danger. You develop into a participant in the market without risking any of your capital if you syndicate your small business. You, as the real estate syndicator, put the deal together and get a substantial share of their gains (between 20% and 50%) without needing to spend your money. This permits you to focus at once on bargains.

16. Get started without any business experience. My client portfolio consists of teenaged school students, a retired track & field coach, accountants, medical doctors, lawyers, a professional opera singer, sales executives, marketing executives, engineers and frequent hard-working mothers and dads that arrived along with full-time tasks. Do you believe they had experience? No.

17. There’s not any office politics. You do not need to think about anyone but you!

18. Have family time. You get more done in less time, if you syndicate your small business. Additionally, you generate profits. This usually means that you have freedom to spend doing and more time.

19. While you construct finally, build a 6-, 7- and investment empire. We have proven it may occur.

Therefore, don’t you believe it’s time to initiate a property investing syndication company, and earn money fast through this “Perfect Real Estate Storm” of chance?